our eurasiers

Eurasier (Brit)

"BRIT" Int'l/UKC Ch Albionspitz Topaz

Eurasier (Brit)

Born 06/26/2014

Sire:  Grey Von Der Tomberg

Dam:  Albionspitz Rogue

Red with Black Mask

"CHENA" Int'l Ch Silmoralbion's Evita

Eurasier (Chena)

Born  08/30/2016

Sire:  Silmoralbion's Matthias

Dam:  Albionspitz Chava


"NOLA" Int'l Ch Silmoralbion's Tears of Pearl

Eurasier (Nola)

Born 10/24/2017

Sire:  Albionspitz Tyler

Dam:  Caromarda Tumble and Twril


Eurasier (Black mask)

Brit is a super smart  and  obedient girl .  She learns really fast and sometimes I think she can read my mind!  She is also very athletic and we enjoy hooking her up to our bike and go bikjoring with her.    


The perfect companion, Chena has the best temperament of  any dog we have ever had!  Super easy going, her steady and predictable personality make her joy to be with.  Chena is in training to become a therapy dog.

Eurasier (Nola)

Nola is  our youngest and she is a very affectionate girl.  She likes nothing better than spending an evening laying on my lap.  She will begin classes for "Trick Dog"  this winter and will also be my kayaking partner. 

Eurasier AKC Show

A dog show exhibitor's dream - the Flashy Miss Brit received the AKC First of Breed award.  She easily achieved her titles in three venues, and he has won nearly a dozen Best in Shows!

Eurasier AKC Best In Show

With limited showing, Chena has racked up a Best in Show (AKC Open,)  Best Pup in Show  (UKC) and is pointed in both CKC and AKC FSS.  She will be returning to the ring in Winter 2020.

Eurasier Nola

Nola is just beginning her show career and we were super happy  with the results of her first show in Spring 2019.  She is very flashy and is going to be a big hit with the judges!

Eurasier puppy

Eurasier puppy

Eurasier puppy

about the eurasier


 Even-tempered and good-natured, Eurasiers are a joy to live with. They are highly devoted family dogs who require and thrive on very close contact with their family. They do not demand constant interaction, but they do desire to be in close proximity to the daily activities of their family. Eurasiers must live in the household (not in the backyard or kennel) in order to fully develop and nurture the most desired character traits inherent in the breed.

Eurasiers are diligent watchdogs who will only bark or growl when they feel it is warranted. They are not aggressive or easily provoked, and should never be used as guard dogs. With proper socialization Eurasiers are generally very tolerant of children, dogs and other animals. While some individual Eurasiers will display varying degrees of interest in chasing critters in the wilderness or backyard, most do not have a pronounced hunting instinct.

Eurasiers are not a working breed. Their sole purpose is to be wonderful family pets. Daily walks including off leash activities will meet the exercise requirements for most Eurasiers. Some Eurasiers enjoy participating in companion events such as agility and obedience where the bond between dog and human is nurtured. Training methods using positive reinforcement and calm, confident leadership increases the dogs' self-confidence, exercises their body and mind, and further strengthens their bond with their human.

If you would like more information about the Eurasier, please visit The United States Eurasier Club.

Click for Eurasier Standard
Click for Eurasier Standard