About Us

Eurasiers and Keeshonden
Keeshond 1965

 Nearly 60 years ago, my father brought home a Keeshond puppy named Blackie, starting my life long love affair with spitz breed dogs.  Over the years we have owned many Kees, and Eskies, but it was not until 2005, when a lovely puppy named Dutch came into our lives that our love affair with dog showing and dog sports began.   

Keeshond Show Dog

 Under the guidence of Joanne Reed (Windrift Kees) and Kathy Easter (Arklow Kees) we learned how to groom and show the Keeshond and shortly after, we added Zap and Cuba to our growing pack.  All three Kees boys were very successful and fun dogs to show and compete with!

Eurasier Brit AKC Open Best In Show

2014 brought us a new breed -  the Eurasier.  We had been interested in this breed for many years, and as the Eurasier is a rare breed here in the U.S., we contacted Stacey Watkins (Albionspitz Eurasiers) in the UK who arranged to send us our first Eurasier, a perfect girl named Albionspitz Topaz (Brit.)  One look at that adorable girl and we were hooked on the breed, and soon Chena and Nola joined us.  We have been very lucky to have Stacey and also the wonderful Karla Erickson (Sundog Eurasiers) as our mentors with this breed!  

AKC First Of Breed - Eurasier

We believe in well rounded dogs, and that all dogs should receive basic obedience training.  Our accomplishments include many Championship titles, Obedience certificates, Best In Shows,  the first Keeshond and the first Eurasiers to earn the Herding Capability Title, and we can proudly say our girl Brit was awarded the AKC First Of Breed - Eurasier (the first Eurasier ever to be recognized in Conformation by the American Kennel Club.)

Keeshond Breed Plate

In addition to conformation, our dogs have also participated in the sports of  Rally Obedience, Herding, Agility, and  Bikejoring, and are happy to show off at Meet The Breed booths, parades, contests, and all sorts of dog events.  Our dog Dutch was selected to be the model for the Laurelwood Breed Plate.  They have even been featured in magazines and advertisements! We are always happy to have visitors at the shows and events we are participating in! 

We are past and/or present members of the following clubs:

Canadian Kennel Club

United States Eurasier Club

Pacific Crest Keeshond club

American Eskimo Dog Association of Wash

Cascade Sled Dog Club